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About Us

FundingU was founded 2021 as a nonprofit organization striving for [501(c)] status. The organizations main focus is providing funding solutions to traders who are unable to afford the fees of proprietary trading challenges.

We offer traders both a free program and a paid challenge program. The revenue from the paid challenge program is used to continue funding traders in the free-challenge program. Our 30% profit split from funded traders is also redirected to the free-challenge program consistent with our core belief; traders funding traders. 

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Learn more about us and stay informed within our community.

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Our Mission

FundingU strives to give gifted traders the opportunity to make a living doing what they love, regardless of their ability to pay the fees associated with prop trading. 

Our Vision

FundingU will bring competition to the proprietary trading industry by selling challenges at the lowest prices, with a focus on using revenue from traders to fund more traders.

Here at FundingU, everyone has privilege.

Our Values

 We believe profitable traders need to help other traders follow their dreams. Here at FundingU, our business structure and community is designed to do exactly that. Give underprivileged traders a chance at their dreams of becoming profitable traders, at no monetary cost.

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